Saturday, February 7, 2009

School Overload

I took the Spring semester off of school so that I could concentrate more on myself. I feel sometimes that school takes over too much of my life and I never have time for other things. I wanted to work more on my Etsy store, and I plan to catch up on some reading. I have already finished a few books, but there are plenty of others that need to be read!

I'm posting more items in my store today, and it would be lovely if you could check them out!

Bye for now,


Abbie Road said...

hey i was searching for some button earrings and i saw you small purple snap earrings.. so cute and but i wanted to know if they were snap ons or the ones with the sticks?

amanda said...


They are the post earrings that go through your ears.

I just call them snap earrings because they are made from button snaps.